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SW-22-International Communication is a Program

SW-22-International Communication

Starts Jan 4, 2022

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Full program description

Course presentation 

Course information

  • Study Type: 100% Online course in English
  • Date: January 4 – February 15, 2022 (Duration 6 weeks)
  • Credits: 6 ECTS (3 US credits, 12 CATS) 
  • Pace: Mix of synchronous / asynchronous / autonomous preparation. Live sessions will be recorded, thus content is available online for students to access when it best suits their schedules
  • Admission requirements: 3-year university (or similar) studies completed in any discipline
  • English proficiency: Conversational (level B2 Common European Framework: CEFR) 
  • Main area: Innovation and creativity
  • Time zone for live sessions: Central European Time (CET), 
  • Transfer Credit: If you wish to transfer ESSCA Online Campus academic credit, obtain written approval from the dean or adviser at your home institution prior to your summer registration at ESSCA Online Campus. Such approval is for your protection only; it is not required by Summer / winter School at ESSCA Online Campus, which cannot approve credits for transfer. We will provide transcript to have grades sent to your home institution
  • Accessibility: This class is internationally accessible (every time zone) as all live courses will be recorded and then made accessible to students at all time
  • Tuition fees: 1 260€ (15% Early bird discount for early applicants) Code: EOC2021
  • Application deadline: Dec 31, 2021

What documents are required to apply for this program?

  • ID / Passport / Student ID
  • English proficiency document signed by a professor (provided by ESSCA) or English test results (TOEFL, TOEIC, Duolingo)
  • Screenshot of the ESSCA Online Campus eligibility test result
  • Diploma (graduate students) / Unofficial transcript (undergraduate: junior & senior year)
  • Most recent transcripts of records (and official translations to English or French)
  • Letter(s) of recommendation (optional)
  • CV / Resume (optional)

International Communication 

Learn how to communicate with impact to become an influential leader who connects with, motivates and convinces people to engage with and follow their vision!  

This course is created for students who aim to master responsible, effective and inspirational communication skills in order to be more impactful Managers and Leaders especially in an International environment and when working across different generations and cultures. 

Students will acquire skills thanks to tools and methods that will allow them to be agile and creative in communicating with diverse audiences. Regardless of the type of company in which they desire to work for, they will be able to communicate effectively and adapt their language and methods in diverse cultural contexts and with various audiences. They will be able to contribute to building a more responsible world by leading and managing with Vision, Clarity, Impact and Mindfulness. 

Master classes will be included within the course presented by experts and managers responsible for International communications 



Learning objectives  

  • Develop managerial skills based on principles of responsibility.
  • Demonstrate capacities of creative and critical thinking. 
  • Apply a global mindset to business, management and citizenship. 


Course content  

Discover and learn how to apply tools and methods to communicate effectively in an International context in various situations. 

Based on a workshop approach, students will learn to adapt their communication to various situations and thus become a more impactful leader. 


By the end of the course, students will be able to communicate responsibly at leadership level with impact and agility to different audiences and in different environments.


Week 1How to build your reputation in an International environment

You will learn about personal branding, create your own personal branding video, learn how to promote yourself/ your brand through an Elevator Pitch and how to grow your network.


Week 2How to be creative in finding ways to communicate with and motivate your employees.

You will learn about best practice in employee engagement and how to inspire, motivate and retain talent.


Week 3 and 4How to communicate across Cultures and Generations 

You will learn how to use ‘Cultural Intelligence’ (CQ) to identify and analyze cultural differences in-company, internationally and across generations.

You will discover best practices and be able to apply tools and methods in creative ways to ensure understanding collaboration and productivity in your team and predict/prevent conflict.


Week 5How to communicate in remote, transformational and crisis situations

You will learn to analyze situations and use tools and methods to find creative, agile and responsible solutions in challenging situations.


Week 6How to communicate in a responsible and sustainable way 

You will learn about Leadership responsibility to both employees and other stakeholders and be able to demonstrate that you are capable of creating action plans which balance the interests of a company's many stakeholders, such as shareholders, senior management executives, customers, suppliers, financiers, the government and the community.

Who will you learn with? 

Samantha Taylor 


A Certified Coach and Communications Consultant with over 15 years training experience in international companies and business schools. Working in partnership with International Project Managers and Senior Executives in companies such as L’Oréal, Nestle, Dentsu, and Total, she has coached senior professionals to communicate with impact and get results, win new business and launch international programs. 


Having worked in both the UK and USA in international Advertising Agencies, she gained experience in Strategy, Marketing and Customer Insight which she gave her an understanding of challenges and opportunities in global businesses. Hence her commitment to facilitating intercultural and intercultural communications and understanding/communication in intercultural teams in particular as a result of mergers. 



She has a certification in ‘Talent Management’ and is a mentor for young start-ups in UK and France, her mission is to help individuals uncover their potential and find their way by encouraging creativity, integrity and thinking differently.