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SW-22-Luxury Marketing Strategy is a Program

SW-22-Luxury Marketing Strategy

Starts Jan 4, 2022

€1,260 Enroll

Full program description

Course presentation 

Course information

  • Study Type: 100% Online course in English
  • Date: January 4 – February 15, 2022 (Duration 6 weeks)
  • Credits: 6 ECTS (3 US credits, 12 CATS) 
  • Pace: Mix of synchronous / asynchronous / autonomous preparation. Live sessions will be recorded, thus content is available online for students to access when it best suits their schedules
  • Admission requirements: 3-year university (or similar) studies completed in any discipline
  • English proficiency: Conversational (level B2 Common European Framework: CEFR) 
  • Main area: Innovation and creativity
  • Time zone for live sessions: Central European Time (CET), 
  • Transfer Credit: If you wish to transfer ESSCA Online Campus academic credit, obtain written approval from the dean or adviser at your home institution prior to your summer registration at ESSCA Online Campus. Such approval is for your protection only; it is not required by Summer / Winter School at ESSCA Online Campus, which cannot approve credits for transfer. We will provide transcript to have grades sent to your home institution
  • Accessibility: This class is internationally accessible (every time zone) as all live courses will be recorded and then made accessible to students at all time
  • Tuition fees: 1 260€ (15% Early bird discount for early applicants) Code: EOC2021
  • Application deadline: Dec 31, 2021

What documents are required to apply for this program?

  • ID / Passport / Student ID
  • English proficiency document signed by a professor (provided by ESSCA) or English test results (TOEFL, TOEIC, Duolingo)
  • Screenshot of the ESSCA Online Campus eligibility test result
  • Diploma (graduate students) / Unofficial transcript (undergraduate: junior & senior year)
  • Most recent transcripts of records (and official translations to English or French)
  • Letter(s) of recommendation (optional)
  • CV / Resume (optional)

Course Luxury Marketing Strategy  

Discover luxury marketing strategy in a global context with a focus on French luxury brands.  

This course is created for students who wish to understand the marketing strategy of luxury brands and want to master tools and strategies in the dynamic and unique luxury sector. 

This course aims at providing students with current know-how and practical insights into the real issues faced by luxury brand managers.  

With an approach based on both lectures and workshops, students will learn how major luxury brands reinforce their desirability. 

A variety of product categories will be covered to give students a clear overview of the diversity of luxury brands, including fashion, accessories and fragrance. The expertise gained during the course will be applied to a luxury brand innovation project which they will manage from A to Z as a team. 

The course is ambitious, highly interactive, and requires dedication, initiative, and hard work. Just like working in luxury brand management. Strong team-working skills are required to collaborate with classmates on exercises and projects.  



Learning objectives  

  • Understand the specific nature of luxury brands  
  • Apply current theories and concepts of luxury marketing strategy and brand management
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyse marketing situations, identify key issues, and to recommend solutions 
  • Develop problem-solving capabilities with real life examples, case studies and marketing challenges  
  • Practice creative and critical thinking to find innovative solutions
  • Develop communication skills relevant for working in marketing 

Course content  

Discover and learn about luxury marketing strategy and brand management with a focus on French luxury brands. 


You will acquire a better understanding of what it means to create, build and manage luxury brands. You will develop analytical skills and demonstrate creativity, and strategic thinking. You will emerge with practical experience in the process of proposing innovative solutions. By the end of the course, you will have made your first moves to becoming a luxury brand manager.


Week 1: Introduction to luxury  

You will learn about the concept of luxury, dynamics of the luxury industry, key trends in the luxury market and luxury consumption. You will also be introduced to the specific nature of luxury brands.  

You will start working on a luxury fashion brand team project. 


Week 2: Luxury brand development  

You will learn about how luxury brands are created, built and managed. 

You will continue working on a luxury fashion brand team project. 
Week 3: Luxury marketing strategy  

You will learn about how to develop the luxury marketing mix, with a focus on the specific nature of luxury products, communications and retail strategy. 

You will complete and present your luxury fashion brand team project. 
Week 4: Fragrance marketing strategy  

You will learn how fragrance marketing is different to luxury fashion marketing. 

You will work on a fragrance brand innovation team project. 

Week 5: Create a new luxury brand  

As a team you will study market opportunities and lay the foundations for the creation of a new luxury brand, by defining a consumer target and developing an innovative proposition with strong potential in the market.  

Week 6: Build and launch a new luxury brand  

As a team you will bring the brand to life by developing an innovative marketing mix and launch plan. 



To sum up you will be working on 3 team projects during this course: 

  • Luxury fashion brand project 
  • Fragrance brand innovation project
  • New luxury brand innovation project 


Who will you learn with?

Catherine Bruneteaux-Swann


Catherine Bruneteaux-Swann is a Brand and Marketing Strategy Consultant. After having worked for major international groups in various marketing and brand management positions from consumer goods to premium and luxury brands, she started consulting in marketing strategy and brand management helping entrepreneurs and small businesses to build a strong brand with a clear focus on driving growth. In addition to consulting, Catherine teaches strategic brand management, marketing strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship in business schools, specializing in consumer goods and luxury.